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Launching 2nd November 2020.

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Work experience is broken. We're fixing that.

We know that access to quality work experience is vital in unlocking young people's potential, and inspiring them to enter the careers they'll love.

Yet only half of schools are offering the majority of students meaningful work experience by the end of year 11 - and this drops to only a third in the sixth form.

That's why Fire Tech is so proud to launch Virtual Work Experience programmes for 15-19-year-olds starting on November 2nd 2020. The programmes run over five weeks and delivered by a real-life human boss. Get 50% off when you book today with code 'VIRTUAL50'

During the programme, students discover what it’s like to work in a range of technology businesses, tackling realistic, industry-specific projects and working directly online with their own human “boss”, who gives them regular check-ins and on-going support throughout. Participants finish with their own portfolio of projects, a tailored skills report and a job reference to take into their future careers, upload onto LinkedIn or use on their university applications.

Fire Tech are working with our network of experts and industry partners to offer Virtual Work Experience to young people, providing an accurate experience of working at a company in a variety of cutting-edge tech industries. Students will experience the tools, projects and feedback that they would get as an entry-level worker in a tech-focused business.

How It Works

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Meet your real live human boss online and agree on your strengths and interests. Learn how a Virtual Work Experience works. Select your first tech project.

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Tackle industry-specific project briefs. Learn the technology, systems, resources and tools - exactly as used by the industry. Work at your own pace.

Enjoy on-going email and chat support with your tutor as you explore new ideas and overcome challenges. All meetings and comms are recorded for safety. 

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Finish with a skills report, a project portfolio, and a certified Virtual Work Experience reference to use on university applications, LinkedIn, and even future jobs.

Our Industry Programmes

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801 Linden Drive

Work for a Video Game Studio
Discover the range of disciplines that lie behind the process of making an incredible video game, from coding, to design, to art, to data science and more! These are realistic representations of tasks people in the video game industry get to work on every day.

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1407 Benedict Court

Work for a Creative Design Studio
Discover the range of disciplines that lie behind the creative design process, using the industry-standard set of tools and processes. You'll explore graphic design, brand identity, audio and video design and more

Your Virtual Boss

Our virtual bosses are specialists in the technology field you’re working in. They’re also experienced instructors and managers, whose priority – just like in a real workplace – is to help you do your best work and be successful.

In the first meeting with your new boss, you’ll work together to establish your preferences and interests. You’ll then agree a programme of projects, tailored to your interests, that is just like what you’d experience as a new entrant to the sector. Regular check-ins and email support mean your virtual boss is always there to help you stay on track.

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